Shipping Orders : How to Pack Boxes for Shipping

How To Pack Your Web Site Orders for Shipping : Smart Shipping for Small Business Marketers

Shipping boxes how to pack products for shippingMany small businesses increase their profitability by offering to ship items for customers. In doing this, it is important to properly package those items to arrive safely.

Selecting the best shipping box and packaging materials for the order is an important decision. As a small business owner, you need quality boxes and want a discount. 

Corrugated shipping boxes are a good option since they will add extra protection and "shock absorbency" to the box and thus more protection to the item. Ultimately, the corrugated shipping box works best for items that need more protection and the flat shipping boxes or padded mailers are often a good choice for items which are less breakable.

 Measure the dimensions of the item you want to ship. Write your measurement down as item Length by Widith by Height (LxWxH). Shipping boxes come in sizes categorized by these same L x W x H measurements. 

Steps for Packing Your Customer’s Shipping Box

The kind of item to be shipped and where it is going is determinant of how to ship it. There are five basic steps to follow.

1. The kind of shipping boxes needed and the size is a good way to start. Once the box is gathered, it is important to pack the box properly.
2. If the item is fragile with any possibility of damage or breakage during the shipping, extra care is required in packing the item.
3. Bubble wrap is a great packing material to use as protection for the item from damage during shipping. Also lining the bottom of the box and the top of the box with nonprinted paper or styrofoam peanuts is another protection for the item.
4.Packing the item in the box tightly is another essential step in ensuring that the shipment will arrive unscathed.
5. The final step to packing boxes for shipping is the sealing of the box securely. I've found that heavy duty two inch shipping tape works well.

Packaging tip: Make sure your box passes the “rattle test.” Gently shake the box. If you can feel or hear the item moving, add more packaging material.

A clear heavy duty packing tape is all that is needed to properly and securely seal the box. I suggest including a packing slip in each box or as part of addressing label the box.  Once the box is sealed, it can be weighed in order to determine the amount of postage or shipping that will be needed.

Options on mailing are also available. The package can be sent through the USPS in a variety of ways, media mail, first class, priority, or express mail, or the package can be sent through UPS or FedEx.

However the package goes to your customer, packaging it properly is important. In this way, the customer will be pleased not only by the product they have ordered, but that it came to them undamaged.

Doing the shipping correctly will increase chances of a repeat order for your business. Packing and shipping like a pro is part of successful small business marketing plans.

Basic Shipping Materials List: Correct shipping box or mailer for the item to be shipped, heavy duty 2-inch shipping tape, packaging materials such as bubble wrap, styrofoam peanuts and non-printed shipping paper for cushioning the item, an order packing slip, addressing label.





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