Five Summer Activities and Crafts For Kids And Parents


kids_and_parents_five_fun_summer_crafts_activities_parent_resource_center.jpgDuring the pop-up storms or when it is just too hot to go out side, have you ever wondered what you were going to do to help entertain your child?  Or...are you tired of watching your child sit behind the computer playing video games all day?  Well, these simple activities will bring you and your child closer together.  The below activities will help open up communication between you and your child.  You will build special memories together that each of you will remember for life!  So, clear off the table and get ready to interact and build a relationship with your child!


1. Super Summer Stepping Stone

Items needed:

  • Cement
  • Disposable foil tray
  • Disposable plastic knife
  • Special small object gathered throughout the summer


Instructions for child and parent project: Throughout the summer, gather small objects that would represent your summer activities.  Example, a shell from the beach, a rock from the play park that you visited during the summer, a token from a carnival etc.  Keep all special objects in a designated box for safe keeping.   When you have collected enough objects from your super summer, you are ready to make your Super Summer Stepping Stone.  Place a tarp outside in the will get messy so wear old clothes!  Mix up a small portion of cement.  Pour the cement into the disposable foil tray (ex. Cake pan that you can buy at the grocery store).  While the cement is wet, write with a disposable knife, (year) Super Summer and family name.  Place the special objects into the cement.  Make certain that you place the object far enough into the cement that they will stay!  Let the cement dry for 24 hours or until it is completely dry.  Take the cement out of the disposable foil tray.  Place the Super Summer Stepping Stone in your family flower garden.  Every time you step on the Super Summer Stepping Stone, you will remember the great adventures that your family had together during that specific summer!


2. Special Summer Moments Box

Items needed:

  • Paper mache' box that you can purchase at an arts and crafts store
  • Paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Special tokens collected throughout the summer


How to Steps for Kids and Parent: Buy an inexpensive paper mache' box at your local arts and crafts store.  Have your child think of what summer means to them and paint that idea on the outside of the box.  Example, paint the color of their swim team and paint the name of the swim team on the outside of the box.  The inside of the box can also be painted and decorated.  Place this box in a special location in your house where everyone can see it.  After you family has experienced a fun activity, place something inside the box that would represent that memory.  Example, the ticket to the baseball game, a rock from the river where you took a canoe trip, etc.  Throughout the summer, your family can sit down together and go through the Special Summer Moments Box and reflect on the fun that the family had together!


3. Shiny Summer Family Journal

Items needed:

  • Foil
  • Paper
  • Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Glue
  • Yarn
  • Markers
  • Stickers
  • Sharpie


Parent Resource Instructions: Make a special shiny summer journal to write the fun memories that your family have made throughout the summer.  Take a piece of plain white paper and cover with foil.  Once the paper is covered with foil, paint the foil. Once dry, the foil will look like old leather.  Decide which side will be the inside of the journal.  On the left hand side of the journal, glue a piece of yarn so that it is vertical in the middle of the side of the book.  Fold a couple of pieces of paper in half.  Then slide the pieces of paper so that the yarn is in the middle of the folded pieces of paper.  The paper may need to be cut in order to fit inside the journal.  With the sharpie, label the outside of the folded paper with the word Journal.  On the right hand side of the book, glue a piece of foil onto the book in order to make a pocket.  With the sharpie, write the word Picture on the pocket.  Fold the book in half.  Glue a tab made out of foil onto the front of the booklet.  Cut a piece of yarn about 6 inches and fold it in half.  Glue the middle part of the yarn to the back of the book.  Once the yarn is dry, loop the yarn through the tab, this will make a nice closure for your Shiny Summer Family Journal.  Throughout the summer, write special family adventures in the journal entry side of the booklet.  Place any special pictures that were taken in the picture pocket of the journal.  Your family will have a lovely time making, keeping, and browsing through the Shiny Summer Family Journal!


4. Mailbox Makeover

Items needed:

  • Art Foam
  • Scissors
  • Strong tape
  • Sharpie


Together as a family, think of a special event that your family does throughout the summer.  Example, going to the beach  Once your family thinks of a special family activity, think of a picture that would represent that activity.  Example, building a sandcastle  Then with the foam art, think about how you can turn our mailbox into the picture.  If we were to turn our mailbox into a sandcastle how would we do it?  We would cover the outside of the mailbox with the art foam.  Attach the art foam with strong tape, make certain that the tape does not take the paint off the mailbox!  Then you can make towers with the art foam and attach the tower to the mailbox with the tape.  Then we would make flags out of the art foam and tongue depressors.  The flags would then be added to the towers.  Ta Da your family has a cute decorated mailbox that will remind your family of your special event every time you drive pass it! 


Please be warned that not all subdivision association allow this beautiful decoration on your family mailbox!


5. Perfect Pillowcase Memory

Items needed:

  • Plain white pillowcase
  • Transfer iron on paper
  • Some type of photo program to develop a picture collage
  • Paint pen
  • Iron



FAMILY MEMORIES WHY: Every family vacation, we take tons of pictures.  Yes, we place the pictures into a photo album and then place inside the cabinet or on the coffee table.  However, this activity will allow to  lay your head down and dream of the special memories that you and your loved ones experienced together.  Take some of your special memories, and using a photo program of your choice, design a collage of your photos.  Print your photos onto transfer paper and then iron on the transfer paper onto your pillowcase.  With a paint pen, write the year on the pillowcase.



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