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Confusing words Who Whom

When To Use : Who and Whom


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Who and Whom are two easily confused words.  

Question: For who/whom should I take this to the office?

Who & Whom Resource Rule:
Use the he/him method to decide which word is correct.

  • He=who
  • Him=whom


Examples            Who/Whom wrote the book?
                           He wrote the letter.  Therefore, the correct answer is who.

For who/whom should I take this to the office?
Should I take him  to the office?  Therefore, the correct answer if whom?

Who Whom Quiz:

Place who or whom in the blank and then check you answers.

  1. The present is for __________?
  2. __________ is responsible for mailing the letter?
  3. __________ planted the flowers?
  4. __________ should I surprise with the presentation?
  5. For __________ should I vote for President?


For WHO/WHOM Answers Click Here


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