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parent_resource_exercise_health_activities_with_children.jpgSummer time family fun...that is what it is all about. 

 Family hikes, picnics, family reunions, family trips, etc.  Here are some fun fitness activities for you and your family.  So, let's us see who is the fittest....the kids or the adults. 

 Many family memories will be made by playing these interactive games.  Take the time to laugh and have fun making and playing theses games with your loved ones. "Let the games begin!"


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  • 1. Toe Jam Relay


Items needed:

·         Two buckets

·         One small plastic pool

·         Water

·         500 marbles


Before the relay, fill a plastic pool with water and dump about 500 marbles inside the water.


InstructionsL Divide the family into two teams.  Decide upon a starting point and finish line.  Each team is given a bucket.  The bucket is placed at the starting point.  At the finish line, a small plastic pool is placed.  The small plastic pool is filled with water and about 500 marbles.  Each relay team takes off their shoes.  On "Go!", the first person on each relay team runs down to the pool.  Only using their toes, they place their foot into the water and grab as many marbles as they can with their toes.  Each person has only one chance to use their toes to get the marbles.  Once they have marbles, they grab the marbles from their toes with their hand.  The person then runs back to their relay team and places the marbles into the bucket.  Each person on the relay team has a turn.  Once each relay team has had a chance, the marbles are counted.  The team with the most marbles in their bucket wins.


  • 2. Holey Cupmoley


Items Needed:

  • Plastic cup with holes in the bottom and sides
  • Sand bucket
  • Large tub
  • Water
  • Sharpie


Instructions: Before the relay, fill the large tub with water.  Take a plastic cup and punch holes in the bottom and sides of the cup.  Decide upon the starting and finish line.  Place the sand bucket at the starting line.  Draw a line near the middle of the sand bucket.  This line will determine the finish fill mark.  Each relay team will start at the starting line, take the holey cup, and run to the large tub.  Once they reach the large tub filled with water, they will dip the holey cup into the water.  Using their hand, shirt, chest, etc., they will try to keep as much water as they can in the cup and run to the starting line.  They will empty the remaining water into the sand bucket.  The first relay team that fills the sand bucket to the fill line wins.


  • 3. Shoe Kickoff


Items needed:

    • Shoe


Instructions: Individuals must untie and loosen their tennis shoe.  The tennis shoe needs to be placed at the end of their toe.  Each individual then kicks the shoe off their foot.  The individual who kicks their shoe the farthest wins the kickoff.


  • 4. Stinky Shoe Tower


Items needed:

  • Hoola hoop
    • Shoes
    • Yardstick or type of measurement device


Instructions: Individuals are divided into two teams.  A time limit is decided.  Each group will build the highest tower possible using their shoes.  A hoola hoop is placed on the ground.  Each team will remove their shoes.  Each team will then build a tower using their shoes. Once the time limit is up, the towers are measured.  The team with the highest stinky shoe tower wins the tournament.


  • 5. Poppers


Items needed:

    • Small pool
    • Balloons
    • Water


Instructions: A small pool is filled with water.  Balloons are blown up and placed in the small pool.  A whistle is blown and individuals take turns getting into the pool and popping as many balloons as they can.  Each individual may only use their bottom in order to pop the balloon.  The game ends once all the balloons are popped.


6. Water Balloon Toss


Items needed:

•·         Gallon Size Milk Jugs

•·         Water balloons

•·         Water

•·         Duck tape


First cut the bottoms off of the galloon size milk jugs.  Tape the jagged edges with duck tape.  Use enough duck tape so that the jug is no longer jagged and sharp.  Fill water balloons with water.  Stand a short distance away from your partner.  Using the milk jug catcher, toss the water balloon into the air.  The other person tries to catch the water balloon with their milk jug catcher.  Take a step back and again toss the balloon.  After each successful toss, take a step back.  Continue until the water balloon breaks.  See how far you and your partner can toss the water balloon before it breaks.



7. Cool Course


Items needed:

·         Jump rope

·         Hoola hoop

·         Water balloon

·         Stop watch


Instructions: Each family member must complete an obstacle course.  One family member will control the stopwatch and keep a chart for each family member.  A starting point is determined.  The jump rope is placed in one area of the obstacle course.  The hoola hoop is then placed some where in the area of the obstacle course.  The water balloon is placed in another area.  The family determines how many times each member must jump the rope and twirl in the hoola hoop.  On "Go!" the family member must go to the first event (jump rope 10 times), they must complete the event and then run to the second event (twirl hoola hoop around their hips about 10 times) and then run to the last event.  On the last event, they must drop kick the water balloon.  The water balloon must pop in order for the person to complete the event.  Once the water balloon is popped, the individual will run back to the starting point.  Each family member completes the course.  The family member that completes this the quickest wins.



8. Blind Fold Obstacle Course


Items needed:

•·         Blind fold

•·         Obstacles placed throughout the yard

•·         Stop watch


Before the tournament begins, the family must design an obstacle course.  The obstacle course can be made from chairs, trash can, swing set, etc.

Each family member is given a partner.  One person is blind folded.  The partner must walk the person through the obstacle course.  Each group is timed.  The group with the quickest time wins the tournament.



9. Scavenger Hunt


Items needed:

•·         Treasure map (paper, crayons, pens, and pencils)

•·         Special item


Before the scavenger hunt begins, each family member selects a special object to hide somewhere outside.  The individual hides the object and then draws a treasure map from the house to the object.  Treasure maps are then exchanged.  Each family member must follow the treasure map in order to find the special object hidden in the yard.


10. Junk Miniature Golf Course


Items needed:

•·         Noodles

•·         Rubber bouncy balls

•·         Gift wrapping tubes

•·         Cups


Family designs a miniature golf course with "junk" found around the house.  Ex. Use pool noodles to make boundaries and obstacles.  The cup is used for the hole.  Bouncy balls are used as the golf ball and the gift wrapping tubes are used as the golf clubs.  Family then uses the items to play their own mini golf course.


11.Ribbon Race


Items needed:

•·         Ribbon about 12 inches


Individuals are given a ribbon.  The ribbon is tucked inside the back of the individual's pants.  Individuals run around the yard and try to grab as many ribbons as they can.  Once your ribbon has been removed, you must go sit down and watch.  The last person with their ribbon wins the race.


Many family memories will be made by playing these interactive games.  Take the time to laugh and have fun making and playing theses games with your loved ones.


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