Art Activity Indepdence Day

  Independence Day Art Activity For 4th of July


july_4th_indepence_day_fireworks_family.jpgParent Tips Independence Day July 4th For Kids and Family  You and your child can create red, white, and blue masterpiece as part of your family celebration preparation.  


Personal Paper Fireworks Display  



 1. White paper

2. Crayons of various colors, one must be black

3. Paper Clip or used up Pen 


 How To Steps For Making It Your July 4th Art 


1.       Color a design on the white paper with various colors of crayons. Color darkly.


2.       After the page is covered with color, color over the whole thing with black crayon. Press down hard so all of the other colors are covered by the black.


3.       Use the paper clip or pen to scratch out your own fireworks display!

  Display proudly your paper fireworks display  on the refrigerator and use it as a centerpiece on your picnic table.

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