Talking About The Weather

Weather watchers favorite hobby

Americans love the weather, it’s one of our conversational mainstays.  Mark Twain’s famous quip, “Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it,” is not quite true.  Many people are watching it closely, and weather watching has spun off an entire industry catering to amateurs and professionals. Most operating system offer "gadgets" for desktops and mobile alterts for breaking weather news.

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Review: Smart Phones Now Smarter Business

Smart cellphones  add more computer features

Smart phones, or sphones as technophiles take delight in calling them, are handheld devices that offer an array of electronic functions. In the most basic sense, a smart phone is a mobile phone - PDA (personal digital assistant) hybrid that may enable users to access email, browse the Internet, write notes, listen to music, make voice recordings, and use a wide variety of other applications typical of a personal computer. In recent years, almost all new phones come with some degree of smart phone characteristics, and as such, it can be hard to know which model of phone is best for you.

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Business Review: Blackberry VS Treo For Travelers

pda reference resources for technology savvy business traveler Your communication tools can make or break a business trip. Should your next PDA be a ‘berry’ or a Treo? That depends upon your priorities.  If it is all about email “berry’” may be best and if your business requires communication multi-tasking, Treo may be the right travel partner.

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