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Education: Graduating from high school is likely to increase earning power. Approximately 85 percent of Americans over age 25 are high school graduates. According to a recent report comparing industrialized nations, American adults without a high school diploma typically make 65 percent less than the salaries earned by high school graduates.

Household Income: The median household income in the US is one of the highest in the world. The US median household income was $46,326 in 2005, up 1.1 percent from 2004 after adjusting for inflation. The US Census Bureau reports this is the first annual increase in real median household income since 1999. Since 1967, the first year for which household income statistics are available, real median household income is up by one third.

Home Ownership: Nearly seven out of ten Americans (68.7 percent) own their own homes. This is a new national high. Owning a home of your own is one way people describe the “American Dream.” One hundred years ago, less than half of America owned their own home.

Home Costs: Home prices have doubled every fifty years. Price of a new home built in 2006 is $290,600. In 1967 the average new home cost was $24,600. Adjusted for inflation, that would be $149,147. In 1915 the price tag on a new home was $3,200. Adjusted for 2006 dollars, this would be $64,158.
Net Worth: The median net worth per household is $40,200. The net worth drops to $11,773 when calculated without home equity. Net worth a person's total assets, less total liabilities - what you ‘own’ minus what you ’owe.’

Growing Population: The US population is closing in on 300 million people. A birth is recorded every ten seconds, and a death every 13 seconds. In 1917 the US population was 103 million. The population clock provides up to the minute information.

Source: US Census Bureau

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