Record Number Baby Boomers Embracing RV Life Style

Motorhome RV travel baby boomers taking back dreamsIt’s Happy Trails – again - for baby boomer motorhome owners. America’s top camp grounds report record RV reservation levels for the summer holidays.  Baby boomers have become the largest growing sect of the motorhome buyers.  In fact there are more RVs owned by baby boomers than any other age group. There are more than 11,000 new 50-year-olds every day.  

So what is it about RVs that are making baby boomers embrace the lifestyle? 


The most common reason for the popularity of RV travel for baby boomers are bringing the family closer together, creating new experiences and teaching a respect for nature says Robert Hitlin Associates. Baby boomers have a strong and enduring appeal to the RV lifestyle and it shows--sales for RVs are the highest in 28 years.

Top Six Reasons Why Boomers Buy MotorHomes RVs

1. Family Unity
2. Making memories

3. Overall affordability

4. Enjoying Nature

5. Freedom & Flexibility

6. Financial Factors

PKR Consulting survey says after factoring in the costs of RV ownership and fuel prices, as well as tax benefits that offset some of those costs, a family of four can spend up to 70 percent less when traveling by RV.

With over 16,000 campgrounds nationwide, you don’t have to worry about renting a car, spending hundreds of dollars a night on a hotel room, or confine yourself to a certain amount of time per stop. RVs allow flexibility, freedom and lots of personal control which is another reason they have become so popular with baby boomers. Luxury coaches (called Class A) offer all the amenities of the top resorts.

Motorhome Recreational Vehicle Stats

  1. 16,000 campgrounds nationwide cater to RV travelers.
  2. Growing number luxury RV facilities offer tennis courts & spas
  3. RV sales are up 22% in the past 3 years.
  4. There were over 390,500 RVs sold last year.
  5. Pre-owned luxury coaches offer smart choice


For the boomer group and young families with healthy levels of discretionary income, it looks as if the RV is the new way to travel.  No more long lines at the airport or spending $300 a night on a hotel room with the view of a brick wall.  They can enjoy the freedom and relaxation associated with owning their very own mansion on wheels.


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