2008 Food and Travel Gadgets

While we would agree that the “e-ticket” and microwave oven has redefined both the airport line and the kitchen. If you don’t agree ask any traveler who was running late to the airport or a college student living in a dormitory.  Here are some new inventions for 2008 that we think food and travel lovers will love too.



{mosimage}Penguin Tea Timer:  Need a cup of tea but don’t have the time to make it? Introducing the penguin tea timer that allows you to get those last minute items done and have your tea made at the same time! Just place your tea bag on the penguin’s beak, set the timer and it will lift the bag out when it’s finished steeping. You can find this item on Amazon.com running around $21.99 ($US).














{mosimage}Travel Shirt:  Just booked that last minute trip overseas but not had a chance to learn the language? Just incase you can’t find the telephone, you can wear this t-shirt and point to what you’re looking for.  The t-shirt is hard to find, but lucky enough, we’ve looked for you. You can purchase the Travel’s Phrasebook T-shirt at artlevedev.com for $28.41 ($US).














{mosimage}Anti-Theft Coffee Mug: Tired of your co-workers constantly stealing your favorite coffee mug? Here is one way to make sure no one can use your mug without you knowing! This anti-theft coffee cup has a strategically placed hole which has a key that only you can plug into it.  This mug is designed by Efrat Gommeh Industrial Design but is currently looking for a manufacturer. You can visit their website at www.gommeh.com for more product information.

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