Best Inventions for Mom

Mom’s everywhere would agree that disposal diapers are the best invention of all time.  With that in mind here are some new inventions for 2008 that might get mom’s just as excited.


{mosimage}Laser Scissors: Need to make a straight line cut the first time? They have now created scissors with a built in laser that acts as a guide to cutting a straight line. Now you CAN have straight lines with rulers or paper cutters.  You can find these scissors online at for $19.98 ($US).







{mosimage}Infant Pillow: New and expecting mothers, this is for you! You know your child sleeps best in your own arms so why not let them feel like they are sleeping in your arms all the time? The Zaky infant pillow is designed to mimic the size, touch, weight and feel of a mother’s hands.  Developed for a mother by a mother. You can find the Zaky pillow at for $49.95 ($US)



{mosimage}Transparent Toaster: Do you always burn your toast in the morning?  It is tough finding a good toaster that cooks your toast perfect.  Well now you can watch as your toaster is working and take it out when it is just perfect. This product is currently still a concept in the Inventables Concept Studio but you can visit their website at for more product information.

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