It All Started With The Big Bertha


Golf Clubs Review Big Bertha Think of all the new gadgets that have come along over the last 25 years.  Remember when people first had car phones that were huge!  Now people carry around the little tiny phones.  How things have changed and improved.


USA Today is now 25 years old.  They did an article about 25 different inventions that changed our lives.  Well, one of them was the Big Bertha Oversized driver and woods.  For any of you young golfers out there who have only hit the enormous sized woods that we play today you can not really appreciate Callaway Big Bertha as much.  But for those of you with just a few more years under your belt, you can remember the days of hitting those small headed woods.  If you handed one of those to a young teenage golfer today they would probably laugh at you just like they would over the bag phones! Yep, the Big Bertha changed golf forever.  

You go in to a golf store or pro shop and the Big Bertha is just one of many big sized woods but in the beginning they were the first.


Here's what USA Today had to say...


A World War I cannon inspired one of the biggest golf innovations when Ely Callaway created the oversize, wide-bodied stainless steel wood he dubbed Big Bertha in 1991. Callaway Golf followed up with the Great Big Bertha, Biggest Big Bertha, Great Big Bertha II, Big Bertha 454 and today's Big Bertha 460..


Although there are many options for a great driver like the Titleist 907 or the Nike SasQuatch, the Big Bertha's still rank high.  It is hard to say which one is better now.  The only way to really tell is to hit hundreds of balls with each one and see.  But if you are like me, they all feel great especially when you have been playing with something a bit older.  Be sure to include the Callaway FTi Driver in the ones you hit.  These new square headed clubs are really something. 


Golf clubs continue to change and improve.  People will pay another $500 bucks if it gives them a few extra yards and helps them keep it in play.  But remember it really all started with the Callaway Big Bertha. 

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