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{mosimage}new_parents_new_baby_room_resource.jpgOk, so I am about to be a first time parent.  It seems like yesterday that I heard the news that my wife was pregnant.  I was very excited when I found out but at the same time a bit overwhelmed.  As a husband and soon-to-be dad, your mind begins thinking of all the things that must be done before the baby comes.  You have mixed emotions (or at least I did).  On one hand you are ready for the day to come so you can meet your little one and on the other hand, you want more time to get things ready.


I waited a little longer than I should have to really get all the things done.  After hearing other new parent stories, I have found it is not uncommon for parents to be rushing to get things done at the last minute.


In our case, we decided to move out of our condo in to a house with some more room.  And we purchased our new house just about 3 weeks prior to the expected due date.  So we are really getting moved and doing things at the last minute. 


We are working on the baby room.  We wanted to have it all done prior to our baby boy being born.  So we made the list of what needed to happen in that room because we needed to get it done quickly.


The first thing we had to do was paint.  But before doing that we had to get down some wallpaper in the house!  (That was fun!!!!  I believe I would be just fine if I never removed another sheet of wallpaper in my life.  I think it is just as bad taking it off as it is putting it on!)


The big decision on the painting is what color to use.  Do you paint something very "boyish" or do you paint something that can go either way in case you have a girl next?  We decided to go with a color that can go either way.  Well, my wife decided that but I'm glad she did!  It makes more logical sense to me.

After the painting (almost finished), the fun begins!


Furniture Assembly

The next phase of the baby room is putting the furniture together.  I haven't done this yet but I know it is about to happen any day.  Boy am I excited!  I'm not very handy on these types of things so it might involve a friend or great family member who is!  Of course, you can pay for the store to deliver and assemble for you but it involves a small forture so we elected to assemble ourselves.  Here's what we have to put together...


1.  The crib

2.  The changing table

3.  The dresser

4.  The armoire


We should be able to handle that!


Stocking the room

The next step will be stocking the baby room with all the "baby essentials."  And boy do we have a lot of it!  I had no idea you needed all these things.  I just hope we can fit it all in the room!


We have diapers, wipes, lotions, creams, toys, books, etc.


Putting up the clothes

TheBabyOutletThe final step will be putting up the clothes.  I think it was certainly the favorite amoung baby gifts.  I don't think our son will have to go naked.  We probably have enough to just cycle through all of it once. Not to mention all the hand-me-downs that people still said they have for us!  He should be well dressed. 

My wife informed me that before we can stock the clothes, we have to wash them all first.  I told her I never wash my new clothes but I guess the sensitive skin requires it!  Who knew!  First time dad here!

So after washing all these clothes and hanging them and folding them and putting them away, we should have the baby room finalized!  I hope anyway!


We think we have it all figured out.  The real question is whether we will get it all done before the deadline.  And we aren't exactly sure when that deadline is.  But I think we will make it.

This is just part of being a first time dad!  I'm sure there will be many more experiences similar to the baby room adventure!


Thanks for reading Rick's Reviews on Operation Baby Room!

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