E-Commerce Developments Over The Last Decade

The last 10 years have been full of exciting changes and growth when it comes to technology, the internet and e-commerce.  Everything changes so fast that we forget all that has happened over the last decade. 


The Software & Information Industry Association recently gave the list of the top 10 most significant e-commerce developments of the last decade.  I thought it was fun reading through the list because these are things that are so common today yet they didn't even exist 10 years ago!  And would you believe that Google is part of 3 of these 10 that are listed.  That is no surprise when you think of what Google has done.  Google has even become a common verb that you hear on TV and movies and in every day life. 


So check out the list...

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Battle of the Phones: Blackberry vs. iPhone

I’ve talked a few times about Apple’s new iPhone, which has been a big hit.  I thought maybe I should do a comparison between it and RIM’s latest Blackberry 8830 phone.


Both phones are great phones and have been extremely popular.  Which one is “the best?”  It really depends on the person.  People have different needs and wants.  So let’s compare the phones in some different areas.  You can decide which one might be best for you.

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Shopping at Your Kids Direct

I thought I would take a minute to mention a great shopping site for kids stuff that many do not know about.  I know the stores and sites like Toys R Us that have been around.  But there are lots of other places on the web to find great deals.


I've learned that with babies and kids comes lots of new "stuff" that I didn't need before.  So having some good resources is important.  Your Kids Direct is a store I didn't really know about and I'm sure others have never heard about it as well.


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Reading Tips for Parents

Reading!  That is something you don't catch kids doing enough of.  We live in the world of TV and movies.  And let's not forget video games. 


I will say that I have played a few video games in my life and I even still have an Xbox sitting in my living room.  I'm about to be a dad and I still have my Xbox.  It is kind of funny when I think about my parents generation.  But they didn't grow up with video games like we did.  I remember getting our first Nintendo (the original) when I was about 5 or 6.  I barely even remember the Atari days.  So video games are something that our generation grew up with.  Now, my Xbox stays wrapped up in the entertainment center and only comes out every couple of months on special occations. 


I guess I say all that to say that my generation grew up on video games and TV.  And when I look at kids today who are still in school, I see them with even more distractions than we had.  Not that video games are bad or that all TV is bad.  But TV and games can not replace reading. 



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Reviews iPhone Revelations; Hype

The launch of Apple's iPhone on June 29th was a big one as we knew it would be.  I thought I should make a few more comments on the iPhone after the lauch.


The big question was whether the phone could live up to all the hype?  Has it?  For the real Apple lovers, it probably has.  Apple has a huge following of loyer customers who have waited a long time for this product.  If someone bought the phone mainly for its cool look, they are probably happy with their purchase.  It has lived up to the hype in that respect.  Being completely touchscreen, it looks different from other phones out there. 


But for the people who were not totally sure about the phone or whether they should spend the money, they may have been a little disappointed.  Not that it is a bad phone but for the price you pay and the commitment you make to get it, you are going to have high expectations.


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