Home Renovations & Moving

My wife and I are just finishing up our move.  It's the big count down, my wife is due with our first baby any time now.


We finally found a house we liked a couple months ago.  It was a house in good condition but needed "a little updating."  That "little updating" turned in to quite a project.  And it was a big project at a very big time in our lives.  The last few weeks have seemed kind of like a blur to me.  I've been doing all my normal activities as well as preparing for our baby, doing a good size home renovation project, and moving!  So I thought I should take the time to review my experience over the last couple of weeks and see what I have learned.  By no means am I an expert but thought maybe this might be helpful to some...

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A Must See YouTube Video

This is a different kind of review.  There is a video posted on YouTube that will blow your mind.  Times are changing and changing fast.  This video clip helps paint that picture with some amazing facts!


To some this is scary.  To others this is fascinating.  But however it makes you feel, you must know that we are living in the Information Age.  We have so much information available to all of us right now, it is hard to imagine it doubling every couple years. 


Think about people living 100 years ago.  What a different world they lived in compared to us.  But who knows, in just 20 years people may look back on 2007 the way we look back on 1907.





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Rick's Review of the iPhone

I'm sure most Americans who have watched even a little TV know the launch date for this product.  June 29th!!!  It will be a big day.  I have no doubt that the iPhone will be a huge success.  It almost has to be.  This phone is a first-of-its-kind mobile handset based entirely on a touch-screen design.  AT&T has repeatedly called the iPhone a "game changer."  And let's just face it, Apple's "got it" right now.


Will the iPhone be the best "phone" from a technical stand point?  Will it make sense for everyone to have an iPhone?  Is it the most logical choice of phones for most?  I would have to say "no" from a logical stand point.  But what does logic have to do with anything!

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Parenting - The Baby Shower Gifts

The other day I talked about getting the baby room ready!  Well, we are getting the painting all finished up so we have began the process of sorting through all these baby gifts!  Wow! 


{mosimage}baby_shower_great_gifts_new_parent_observations.jpgI am really grateful for all the gifts we have received through a few baby showers.  I don't really understand (YET) some of the gifts we have received but I appreciate the fact that we will not have to buy all these things.  It is a neat tradition we have with baby showers.  I don't think I ever realized just how much "stuff" goes along with having a baby.  It is a lot of things especially when you are starting from scratch on the first child.  So baby showers certainly are a blessing to new parents. 

 Baby clothes were the number 1 gift we received from the showers we had.  It doesn't seem like our little boy will be able to wear them all but who knows.

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New Parents - Operation Baby Room

{mosimage}new_parents_new_baby_room_resource.jpgOk, so I am about to be a first time parent.  It seems like yesterday that I heard the news that my wife was pregnant.  I was very excited when I found out but at the same time a bit overwhelmed.  As a husband and soon-to-be dad, your mind begins thinking of all the things that must be done before the baby comes.  You have mixed emotions (or at least I did).  On one hand you are ready for the day to come so you can meet your little one and on the other hand, you want more time to get things ready.


I waited a little longer than I should have to really get all the things done.  After hearing other new parent stories, I have found it is not uncommon for parents to be rushing to get things done at the last minute.


In our case, we decided to move out of our condo in to a house with some more room.  And we purchased our new house just about 3 weeks prior to the expected due date.  So we are really getting moved and doing things at the last minute. 


We are working on the baby room.  We wanted to have it all done prior to our baby boy being born.  So we made the list of what needed to happen in that room because we needed to get it done quickly.

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