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The other day I talked about getting the baby room ready!  Well, we are getting the painting all finished up so we have began the process of sorting through all these baby gifts!  Wow! 


{mosimage}baby_shower_great_gifts_new_parent_observations.jpgI am really grateful for all the gifts we have received through a few baby showers.  I don't really understand (YET) some of the gifts we have received but I appreciate the fact that we will not have to buy all these things.  It is a neat tradition we have with baby showers.  I don't think I ever realized just how much "stuff" goes along with having a baby.  It is a lot of things especially when you are starting from scratch on the first child.  So baby showers certainly are a blessing to new parents. 

 Baby clothes were the number 1 gift we received from the showers we had.  It doesn't seem like our little boy will be able to wear them all but who knows.

I thought I would review a couple of the gifts we received...

The Mobile

As I type, my wife is in the process of putting together the Mobile for the baby crib.   To be honest, if you had asked me a couple hours ago I would not even know what this was.  I guess I have seen them on baby cribs but certainly didn't know what they were called.  This is the thing that hangs down over the baby crib for the baby to play with. 


We were given the Symphony Light and Motion Mobile by Tiny Love.  I have just learned that these help in the development of your baby.  I'm learning all kinds of new things every day!  Look at how this little toy can help develop a baby's senses...

The Symphony Light & Motion Mobile stimulates and develops sight and hearing. With four different fascinating movements, it encourages baby to focus on an object and track it with her eyes.

The combination of repetitive circular motion and other alternating movements with objects rising and falling and turning around, maintains baby’s attention and active observation.

The alternating movement of the colorful liquids in the center, with or without the light, enriches the visual experience.

The three different classical music tunes stimulate and develop hearing, bringing baby closer to the world of music and developing her musical skills.

The combination of music and visual stimuli develops coordination between these two senses.

Pretty cool, huh?


Some favorite Baby Books


I know my little boy will not be flipping through books right away however, I think some of the baby books we received are fascinating.  As an adult, we forget how we once had to learn EVERYTHING like colors and shapes and parts of the body.  We will be able to experience this learning all over again with our little one.

We received a set of books by Eric Carle.  These little books are designed to teach little ones some of the basics that we learn early in life.  I look forward to the day when we can sit down and teach him through these little books. They seem very well done and I'm sure will be a great asset to his learning development.

There are a lot more gifts to sort through.  I'll probably give some more Rick's Reviews on other neat baby gifts we have received.






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