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The launch of Apple's iPhone on June 29th was a big one as we knew it would be.  I thought I should make a few more comments on the iPhone after the lauch.


The big question was whether the phone could live up to all the hype?  Has it?  For the real Apple lovers, it probably has.  Apple has a huge following of loyer customers who have waited a long time for this product.  If someone bought the phone mainly for its cool look, they are probably happy with their purchase.  It has lived up to the hype in that respect.  Being completely touchscreen, it looks different from other phones out there. 


But for the people who were not totally sure about the phone or whether they should spend the money, they may have been a little disappointed.  Not that it is a bad phone but for the price you pay and the commitment you make to get it, you are going to have high expectations.


One of the biggest drawbacks that has been noted on the iPhone is it's poor Network.  If you are still a little unsure about about the phone, it may be wise to wait until the iPhone's Network improves which I'm sure will happen before too long.


The other big drawback that we mentioned before is the price.  Many users who didn't do their research before hand may have only expected the one time purchase to be more.  But the monthly plan is also higher and this is a big negative to many as they go to purchase the iPhone.  Again, if you are still unsure, it would probably be wise to wait and let the iPhone come down in price.


Some people have said that it is not as easy to text and do email on the iPhone.  Not everyone does email on their phone but most of us are pretty frequent texters.  So this is a very important feature.  Of course some may like the way it works but it may require some getting use to.  This is what one review said about typing on the iPhone:


Still, the interface and keyboard have a long way to go to achieve greatness. For starters, when typing an e-mail or text message the keyboard is displayed only when you hold the iPhone vertically. As a result, we could only type comfortably with one finger, which cut down on our typing speed. Using two hands is possible, but we found it pretty crowded to type with both thumbs while holding the iPhone at the same time. What's more, basic punctuation such as periods or commas lives in a secondary keyboard -- annoying. If you're a frequent texter or an e-mail maven, we suggest a test-drive first.


We all have heard all the great features this phone has but there are some not-so-good things about the iPhone as well.


Bottom line:  If you are a true Apple lover, you probably already have the phone or will be purchasing it soon.  But if you are not sure whether to buy one now or not, it may be best to wait.  The phone will only get better.  And who knows, the competion may come up with something that is just as good.  Just maybe not as "cool." 

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