Rick's Review of the iPhone

I'm sure most Americans who have watched even a little TV know the launch date for this product.  June 29th!!!  It will be a big day.  I have no doubt that the iPhone will be a huge success.  It almost has to be.  This phone is a first-of-its-kind mobile handset based entirely on a touch-screen design.  AT&T has repeatedly called the iPhone a "game changer."  And let's just face it, Apple's "got it" right now.


Will the iPhone be the best "phone" from a technical stand point?  Will it make sense for everyone to have an iPhone?  Is it the most logical choice of phones for most?  I would have to say "no" from a logical stand point.  But what does logic have to do with anything!

Apple has what many call the "cool factor" on its side.  Right now Apple is just plain cool.  The iPhone is probably not the logical choice of phones for most but people don't typically buy things like this based on logic alone.  There will be plenty of people who rush out to buy the iPhone just because they "want" one not because they "need" one.


The two biggest drawbacks to the iPhone that I see right now is the price and the fact that you have to be an AT&T customer to use the phone.


It will cost $500 to purchase the iPhone and it will also cost more monthly to use it as well.  And yes, there are currently phones out there that cost $500 but only business professionals really use them.  Will many of those people switch to the iPhone?  Maybe some.  But the average person pays less than $100 for their phone.  Many of those people may decide to spend more money for the iPhone but cost will be an issue.


AT&T is the largest wireless network.  But Verizon is a very close second.  I'm sure current AT&T subsribers will be the biggest chunk of customers buying the iPhone.  Will people switch to AT&T just for the iPhone?  I'm sure some will but for many this hurdle will not be worth jumping through.


Again, I'm sure the iPhone will be a big success.  But these two negatives will keep many from getting it.  I have always been one to use phones under $100 after rebates, etc. and I am currently a Verizon subscriber.  So for now I will probably not be in the "cool club" but I can always join later!

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