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Summer season is coming our way.  You know what that means?  Time to take that summer vacation.  This is the time of year when many Americans start getting excited about taking some time off and getting away.   

{mosimage}summer_travel_deals_resource_hotwire.jpgMaybe you have already decided where you would like to go for vacation this year or maybe you haven't decided yet.  But chances are you haven't got everything booked just yet.  As I have said in other Rick's Reviews, times have changed in my twenty-something years.  It is even true when it comes to travel.  I remember it wasn't long ago that if you wanted to fly any where, there was a certain person you would call - your travel agent.  That is not the case today.  Most Americans don't look to travel agents like they used to do.  What changed all that?  The Internet is really what changed that industry as it has changed so many others.  There are still travel agents out there but their businesses and the services they offer have changed. 

There are great websites out there to help you with your summer vacation or any travel for that matter.  One site certainly worth checking out is  One thing that I like is that they earned a J.D. Powers Award for Customer Satisfacton.  That tells me they are doing a few things really right.  Some sites seem to confuse "self-serve" with "no service."  I don't think they give J.D. Powers awards for the "no service" group.

You need some travel ideas and great deals?  Hotwire can help.   Here's a little bit about Hotwire: Hotwire's mission is to offer unbeatable low prices on airline tickets, hotel reservations, car rentals, vacation packages and cruises. Through our partnerships with leading travel companies, we can get you low prices that can't be found anywhere else.How does it work? Our partners allow us access to their unsold inventory - empty seats on flights, empty hotel rooms, and unrented cars - at big savings. By showing the name of our travel partner after you book, Hotwire can get you travel deals that are significantly below published prices.  What a great concept!  We can take advantage of unsold inventory to get us where we need to go cheaper!   Are you looking for Hotel Rooms?  How about 4-star hotels at 2 star prices!  Get up to 60% off retail rates at Hotwire!  And don't forget your Rental Car!  Find rental cars from $13.95 a day at Hotwire. No hidden fees -- drive away a deal today! I like because of its ease of use and quick purchase process.   I also like that checking a price is always free, and -- unlike some other sites -- credit card details are only required once you decide to buy. So make traveling easy.  And best of all, MAKE TRAVELING CHEAP with

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